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We run loads of trips every semester to give our members the best opportunity possible to get out surfing and meet new people! These trips range massively in length, location and price so read on to find out more about each one!

All the costs below are pretty rough and don't include our super cheap kit hire which can be found in the Rentals page. Feel free to ask our committee for any more info on our trips and when they're happening!

Day Trips

We run our daytrips over 3 or 4 different weekends each semester. These are single day trips on a Saturday or Sunday usually to the east coast to catch some waves without committing an entire weekend! These sessions will usually have one of our registered instructors present to help everyone out and are a great way to try out the sport if you haven't already!

Cost - £10

Machrihanish (MAC)

Mac is the oldest trip in Surf club and happens once a semester. You'll join a group of around 40 surfers on a trip to Machrihanish on the Western Argyle peninsula to sleep on the floor of the town hall for 2 nights, play some classic surf club games and wake up in the morning for a refreshing Atlantic surf. Worth noting, you'll need a sleeping bag and a desire to stay up late for this one but this is a great way to meet other people in the society!

Cost - £25

Dolphin Inn (Dunbar) & Seahouses (Bamburgh)

These 2 trips are like Mac's more civilized sibling that also happen once a semester. You'll stay in a hostel with around 30 other surfers for 2 nights on the east coast, including evenings out and plenty of surf during the day! This trip is a great middle ground if you want an opportunity to really get some surf in but also meet a whole bunch of lovely people!

Cost - £50

Foreign Trips!

Each year we run both a winter and a summer trip abroad for a week of surf and fun in the sun with 40 - 80 other surfers! These are usually a week of professional lessons in Spain, Portugal, Morocco or the Canaries where you can really hone your skills and meet a whole bunch of new people.

Cost - £320 - £400

And more!

Plus plenty of other bits and bobs that might change every year! We have a couple of competitions we usually go to and support from the club is always appreciated even if you're not competing! In the past we've had trips to the Highlands and the NC500 and a trip to Ireland has always been in the works so keep a keen eye out on the Instagram and feel free to ask our committee for any more info on what's up and coming!

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