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As of last year the club has a stock of 11 super fancy YOW surfskates that we use in our training sessions. These "Surfskates" act the same as a normal skateboard except utilise a spring-loaded front truck assembly that gives them a similar loose feel to riding a wave!

Surfskating is perfect for absolutely everyone! It gives beginners an opportunity to hone their balance without doing the dreaded pop-up on a surfboard; intermediate surfers can begin to get more control over their board and more advanced surfers can use the skates as tools to practice and perfect their flowey turns and body control (or just send it round the skate bowl in Kelvingrove).

The club runs completely free surfskate sessions roughly twice a week (weather and location permitting) which are open to any of our members. Even if you've never touched a board before, come along and our brilliant Land captain will help show you the ropes!


When and where are
these sessions?

As with everything in surf, this changes almost every week so keep a keen eye out on our Instagram for updates on the next surfskate sessions. Sometimes sessions can be organised with extremely short notice, so feel free to drop in in between lectures if you notice a session announcement on the Instagram stories!

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