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The club has a full stock of equipment to get you catching as many waves as possible! We store this at our 'hut' on campus & the 'container' at Garscube sports complex. Read on to find out what we offer and how to use it!

What do we offer?

Free board rental!

Stored at the container and the hut, the club has a large variety of boards to suit all abilities. From 7, 8 and 9ft foamies for beginners, 'mini-mal' style hardboards for intermediates & shortboards for more advanced surfers, we've got something for everyone and rental is always free!

Wetsuits, gloves, boots & hoods

We offer heavily discounted wetsuit rental with our top of the range stock! Every member gets their first rental free to get out there and experience the waves. After your first rental, prices are:

£10 Wetsuit

£5 Boots, gloves and hood (all included)

This is for multiple day long trips making our rental by far the cheapest in Scotland!



Want to try surfing on land? Take out one of our surf skates from the hut and start shredding! We'll have regular guided sessions to help out beginners, but once you've got the bug you can take out a board any time! Similar to the surfboards, rental for a surfskate is completely free!


So how do I rent?


Slide into those DMs!

Drop us a message on Facebook or Instagram.



One of the committee will walk you through the process of renting from surf club & arrange to meet you at the hut

The location of the hut can be found in the FAQ section :)

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Take out the Equipment

Meet the committee member at the 'hut', to get your equipment!


Fill out the required forms and if anything gets damaged make sure to let us know so we can fix it up asap!


If you're not renting for a club trip we'll also take a deposit depending on what you're hiring!


Rental and Deposit Prices

Full kit - £10

Wetsuit only - £5

Boots, gloves and hood - £5

Surfskate and board rental - Free!

All deposits are either £50 cash, a student ID, passport or credit card. Whatever works best for you!








Q: Who do I ask about taking out boards?

A: Send a message to the Facebook group chat and one of our committee members will help you to find an available key.

Q: Where is the container?

A: The container is a blue storage container located next to the maintenance building on the Northern side of Garscube sports complex here. For more details on how to access the container ask our committee

Q: How much does it cost to use a board or surfskate?

A: It's free for all out members! Just organize it with a member of committee.

Q: Who do I ask about hiring wetsuits boots and gloves?

A: Send a message to the Facebook group chat and one of our committee members will get back to you and arrange to meet at the hut.

Q: Where is the hut?

A: In the car park behind the UofG Nursing School, parallel to Eton Lane and accessible by Great George street. Here.

Q: How much does wetsuit boot and glove hire cost?

Full kit (wetsuit, boots, gloves & hood) - £10 per trip

Wetsuit only - £5 per trip

Boots, gloves or hood only - £5 per trip


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