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Here's what the society is all about! getting out into nature and learning to ride waves. The easiest way to get out surfing is on any of our trips where we'll always bring along a variety of boards to use and sort everyone out with wetsuits at the hut beforehand.

On most of these trips, our licensed club coaches will be present to provide lessons for beginners and intermediates. If you ever have any questions be sure to ask our committee or other members. Surf club has a super wide range of skill levels with most of us only starting out at Uni so we're all here to learn together!

If you're wanting some extra time in the water, surfboards are completely free to hire from the club and take out without our committee present. Check the Rentals page for more info on how to do this and remember to stay safe in the water! Each location below has a link to the nearest hospitals.

Also, check the Instagram for regular posts from our Sea Captain about the upcoming wave forecasts and advice on where to catch the best waves. Below is a bit more general information about where we surf and where we would recommend!

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Where do we surf?

Each beach title links to the surfline forecast and each parking status links to the beach location. For more accurate forecasts we would recommend



This is our closest beach and is best for our members who are just starting out, plenty of room and loads of peaks ideal for beginner surfers. Belhaven works best when a northeast swell and an offshore southwest wind combines giving you super long clean waves. One of our favorite beaches on its day and recommended for anyone looking for a quick surf


1hr 20 to drive

Public transport options to Dunbar station


Lots of parking options

Belhaven Hospital - Local

East Lothian Hospital - 24 Hours



Slightly further down the coast from Belhaven is Coldingham bay home to the St Vedas surf shop. This beach is one for those slightly more experienced surfers due to strong currents and rips on the bigger days. There’s also a few exposed rocks right in at the beach so get someone who knows the spot well to take you out. With all this said it is an amazing beach, due to the bay being sheltered by cliffs it can be a shout for a strong wind session. This spot is also one of the only ones with a live surfline camera so use this to check out the swell! Works best when a northeast swell combines with a westerly wind. 


1hr 45 to drive


Lots of Parking options

Eyemouth Day Hospital - Local

Berwick Infirmary - 24 Hours

Pease Bay

Another of our closest beaches, Pease is a great shout for when the swell is small and you are searching for a wave. Don't get us wrong though, when it's big and pumping there's hardly a better wave on the east coast . Just watch the tide timings, if you catch it on a small day at mid tide the wave can totally die out. Again, this beach is also quite sheltered, so good for those windy days. Works best with a northeast swell and a southwest wind.


1hr 30 to drive


Decent Parking options

Belhaven Hospital - Local

East Lothian Hospital - 24 Hours

Westport Beach_157019262.jpg


This is where we run our legendary MAC ATTACK trips. Machrihanish lies at the south end of westport beach and is a slightly mellower, less powerful break but can still be an absolutely amazing surf. Preferred among MAC Attackers as it is within walking distance of the village hall, making it ideal for a dawn patrol. Beware of sewage though, the river mouth can spew out some nasty stuff. Works best when a westerly swell combines with an easterly wind.


3hr 35 to drive


Decent parking options outside the village hall

Campbeltown Hospital - 24 Hours


A beach that GU Surf holds close to its heart, the site of many a hungover MAC trip surf. Super long, sandy, picturesque beach and don't get us started on the waves. Because this beach is on the west coast it is a longer drive, but the exposure to the Atlantic swells and potential for a cheeky weekend camp in the dunes makes it worthwhile. Bigger days are definitely more suited to intermediate surfers and above, however on smaller days this beach is for everyone. Works best on a westerly swell and an easterly wind.


3hr 15 to drive


Lots of Parking options

Campbeltown Hospital - 24 Hours

East England

Bamburgh is our closest and best beach in North Eastern England. With beautiful views of the castle, a long open beachfront and consistent peaks all along its length it's very similar to Belhaven! We've run trips to Seahouses just north of here if you want somewhere scenic to stay the night. Slightly further south in Newcastle is Tynemouth beach. Only a 30 minute metro ride from the city this is a great option after a night out! On days when these other beaches are blown out Blyth beach can have some lovely waves at mid to high tide.


Bamburgh: 2hr 20 to drive

Newcastle: 3hr 15 to drive

Lots of parking but may have to search on busy days


North Coast

There are loads of beaches to choose from as we travel slightly further up north with a myriad of different breaks on offer. Our advice is to chat to a committee member if you're planning a trip up here and we will give you the rundown on the best spots based on your ability.


Inverness: 3hr to drive

North coast: 5hr 30 to drive


South England

There's a plethora of places to surf across England, most of which are out of any feasible driving distance for us. In the Southwest, Newquay in Cornwall and Woolacoombe in North Devon have lots of infrastructure and plenty of opportunities for surf.


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