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Everything you need to know about membership and what you're getting for your money

During the months of September and January (Freshers and Re-Freshers) Grab yourself an Early-bird deal on memberships. During these months a full year membership is only £25 and a semester long membership is only £15! At any time other than these months a year long membership will cost you £30 and a semester membership £20 making us one of the cheapest clubs on campus!

Who can join?

Absolutely anyone who is a student or staff at UofG or GSA! 

The only requirement is to have a regular or off-peak UofG gym membership. Off peak membership is free if you're living in University Accommodation (Bet you feel lucky first years)

How to join

Click Here if you want to get a UofG sport membership. (Remember, you only need an off-peak membership to join surf) Once you've got that click Here to get a surf society club membership on the UofG sport website. Remember to complete our membership survey to secure your free club tee! Click Here

What do I get?

With a surf membership you get access to everything the club has to offer as well as a free T-shirt! That means weekly socials, gym and yoga sessions, surfskate lessons, surfing trips in Scotland and abroad and access to all the kit and boards the club has to offer!


We have a social every week on Thursdays, ranging from Subway crawls to Pub quizzes to Ou es Le Poulet. Everyone is always welcome to come on down for a chat and a pint or seven! Keep an eye on the Insta and calendar to see what's coming up this week!

Gym Sessions

Every week we have a Studio 1 session at the Stevenson that can range from a Workout to Yoga to a mindfulness or meditation session. Keep an eye on the Insta and calendar to see what's coming up this week!

Surfskate Lessons

This year we're excited to be offering professional surfskate lessons with the surfskate academy. These are a brilliant opportunity to hone your skills out of the water. Check the calendar and socials to find out when the next one's coming up


We run trips to surf spots all the time. 1 off day trips to get some practice, weekend long trips to the East and West coast and a Summer and Winter trip abroad to Spain and Morocco, there are loads of opportunities to get out there, get surfing and meet new people. Check out the calendar to find when the next trip is!

Access to kit

Members get access to all of our boards whenever they want completely for free. Just message the Facebook to chat to a committee member to get access to the storage shed and where you can grab some boards. Check out the Kit hire FAQs page for more info.

Kit Hire

We've got a new stock of wetsuits, boots and gloves owned by the club available for all members to rent at a massively subsidized price. Especially for newcomers this makes it much easier to get out there and start shredding! Check out the Kit hire FAQs​ page for more info.

Alumni & Supporter Membership

Full Access Alumni

Eactly the same as a regular student membership! Includes all the perks

£50 Yearly Membership

£30 Semester Membership

You must have a GU sport alumni gym membership to be eligible

Only 15 spaces available so get in quick!

Fill out the google form to sign up for both alumni membership types :)



Designed for those wanting to remain involved & help support our club :)

£15 Yearly Membership! Including a whole host of benefits!

- Free club Tee (postage available) SSF Membership (RRP £15)

- Access to Club Merch!

- Spots on Overseas trips if space

is not filled with student members


- 10% & above Discount on over 30 brands including C-monsta, Solite boots, Luna, passenger & Many more!

- Ability to compete under the club alumni banner @ SSf surf events (check out our reccent shetland trip!)

- Alumni trips & socials & access to alumni facebook group

Remember to Fill out the membership survey once you've got your membership to secure a free club tee! tee!


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