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Q: How do I sign up and what am I getting for my money?

A: Head over to the membership page to find out!

Q: When, what and where are the next socials, trips, gym sessions or surfskate lessons?

A: Take a look at the calendar to find out what's coming up in surf society. For any events coming up soon you can also take a look at the Instagram or Facebook for more in depth details.

Q: I've never surfed before, am I still allowed to join?

A: Of course!! Most of our members are complete newbies to surfing and the mission of the society is to get people out there and make it more accessible. Even if you've got no interest whatsoever in surfing, the weekly socials and trips are still amazing ways to meet new people and everyone is welcome!

Q: I'm only at Glasgow for one semester or I'm joining half way through the year. Can I still join the society and is it still the same price?

A: Of course you can join, we offer semester only memberships at a discounted price and you can get a discounted semester only off peak gym membership for just £59 (see the membership page for more info)

Q: How much is a membership?

A: Throughout freshers and refreshers (the months of September and January) we offer a discounted early bird membership price of £25 for a year membership and £15 for a semester membership. Outside of these dates the cost is £30 for the year and £20 for a semester. Check out the membership page to find more about how to sign up and what you're getting access to as a member.


Q: How do I find the membership survey?

A: Remember to Fill out the membership survey once you've got your membership to secure a free club tee! tee!

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If you still have any questions...

For a quick response, feel free to message our Facebook or Instagram:

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For any more specific queries feel free to email our President, Treasurer or Secretary:


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